The Soft Swim difference.

When you dive into a Soft Swim pool, you’ll feel the mineral difference. It’s like diving into a fluffy cloud – soft, smooth and silky.

As far as pool water goes, Soft Swim is as soft as it gets.

“Now the water is soft and clean all summer long. Pool maintenance is so much easier.”
Susie Davis

“The water looks and feels great. I use fewer chemicals. I like the compliments about the pool when guests visit.”
George Weber

What is Soft Swim?

Soft Swim is a revolutionary new mineral pool maintenance range, developed for new and existing pools. It produces the softest, smoothest and silkiest water available, ensuring swimmers’ satisfaction. Additionally, Soft Swim is an easy, cost-effective way of maintaining a pool.

  • Softer on your skin, eyes and hair: Soft Swim is like moisturiser for your pool. No more itchy skin, sore eyes or dry hair.
  • More time for you: Soft Swim’s blend of minerals and patented products save you time and money due to a revolutionary 2-step pool maintenance system.
  • Better for our planet: Soft Swim uses less chemicals and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. It’s not only better for you but better for our planet.

Soft Swim Awards

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Soft Swim System

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